Renew Design Group Reviews

We love what we do, we care about our clients, and we work with you to get your job done right. We hope this short list of client testimonials illustrate the impact we have on our clients’ projects and the value we deliver to them as professionals.

Renew brings creativity

“With them it’s not just what’s below the ground, but what’s above the ground. It’s about the trees, not just the parking lot. It’s a canvas that they fill with exciting things and make interesting.”

Renew is direct

“I had confidence in Renew’s experience with the building type and the scope of work, and their ability to meeting deadlines. Additionally, they have great communication and people.”

Renew has personality

“What tipped the scales for me in choosing Renew Design Group is the camaraderie. I got along with Brad—they have quality people. They took care with their documents and listened to me.”

Renew gets approvals

“Renew had to integrate two watersystems and they had to communicate to the local township about the viability of what they were going to do. That was key to getting their approval.”

Renew is thorough

“I admire Renew’s attention to detail and their willingness to get things done. They have a good work product, and they do what they say they will do. Always available, always responsive.”

Renew is proactive

“What sets Renew apart is their ability to get in front of the issues before they become issues. Renew keeps their promises and always delivers a comprehensive proposal.”

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