Renew Design Group

Renew Design Group

Design based on strategy to exceed your goals.

We understand how confusing and complicated permitting and land development can be.

It’s even worse when you have to chase down your consultants to get answers.

The problem is lack of simple and concise communication from civil engineers. It might make you feel overwhelmed and worn down by constant barrage of conflicts.

You need faster turnaround on communications. And you need the confidence that your design team has your back and can get the job done.

At Renew Design Group Inc. we know that you, as a contract manager, want focus on what you do best.

That’s why we will create a clear plan from conception to construction for your project.


Our Process:


We will discuss your project and share expert advice for free.

2. We design your project

We will work with you and the governing agencies to get your project approved.

3. You build it with confidence

With a clear charted path, your contractors are ready to build with confidence.


We are a small group of designers came together with the common dream of creating a company that re-emphasizes efficiency, technology, and the designer/client relationship.

The result of that dream is the Renew Design Group. We pride ourselves on using our experience and the best technology available to maximize quality and minimize cost.

Our goal is to combine the art of creative design with the equations of good engineering to produce a solution that gives our clients something they can be proud of.

Our Leadership Team

Brad Bissinger


Brad is the owner of Renew Design Group, Inc. with over two decades of experience in the land development industry. He is involved in every aspect of land development design and permitting across the firm’s project.

While also maintaining managerial & leadership positions for our team of civil engineers, landscape architects, environmental engineers, and designers, he continually instills our need to design sites that have a positive impact for both the client and the community.

Stephanie Wnuk

Project Manager

Stephanie utilizes her 15 years of professional experience as a landscape architect to help others appreciate the natural world and encourage others to do their best to interact with and understand as much as they can about the environment every day.

As a part of Renew, her diverse experience, creative eye, and understand of responsible planting selections are the assets she brings to projects from campus-wide improvements to pocket parks and trails.

Tom Knab

Project Manager

Tom is a project manager and landscape architect leading multidisciplinary teams through the land development, design, and construction process. His skills include the ability to utilize hand graphics, AutoCAD Civil 3D, and Adobe Suite along with other 3D programs.

Tom is able to merge site designs with the architect’s building design to improve the project team’s ability to graphically communicate project details for use in construction and client community engagement.

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